SCO bringing Caldera back

From the “what’s in a name” files:

SCO – the company best known in the Linux community for its legal challenges could be dipping into its own intellectual property well to bring back a name from the past.

Groklaw has noticed some interesting legal filings which indicate that there could be a move to bringing the Caldera name back to the forefront of SCO’s activities. Unlike the name SCO, Caldera is not a name that to me evokes any harsh anti-Linux emotions.

In fact in the spirit of full disclosure – one of the first Linux distros I ever actually paid for was a version of Caldera OpenLinux which I purchased on a retail store shelf long before the name SCO became synonomous with being anti-Linux.

Does this mean that SCO will get back into the Linux distro business? Not likely in my view. But there is a bunch of restructuring going on at SCO and it does makes sense for them to use names/intellectual property that they actually do own.

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