SCO down but not out

From the “still kickin around” files:

Bankrupt and apparently beaten in a key court ruling, embattled Unix vendor SCO is still around and rolling new releases. This week in Las Vegas, SCO is holding its SCO Tec Forum 2008 event at the Luxor hotel. In addition to hosting customers (yup they’ve still got those I guess) SCO announced an upgrade to its office suite SCOoffice Server 4.2 which is geared for their OpenServer 6 and UnixWare 7.1.4 users.

“This is an important upgrade to SCOoffice 4.2 users,” said Andy Nagle,
director of development at SCO in a statement. “This upgrade includes many new
features customers have been anticipating, particularly Connector
support for Windows Vista and Outlook 2007.”

It looks like the thrust of SCO’s message is that SCOoffice is a good alternative to Microsoft Exchange, though I’m not sure that Exchange runs on SCO’s UNIX servers to begin with.

On the legal front Groklaw reported this week that SCO is still knee deep in shenanigans as it continues its maneuvering against Novell. So while SCO is far from top of mind for Linux users anymore – SCO is still alive.

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