SCO Novell Trial Starts Today

SCO will gets its day in court today, but it’s not likely the day they were originally hoping for.

The trial in Utah is with Novell and will help determine what SCO may or may not own in terms of Unix rights it acquired from Novell (most of which came down in a summary judgement last year that triggered SCO’s bankruptcy). More importantly though, the trial will determine what SCO may owe Novell as part of the original Unix deal.

Will this finally spell the end for SCO?

Somehow I don’t think so. SCO has managed to use the legal system to its advantage for years. Somehow it manages to appeal things, and somehow it keeps managing to find people to help bankroll its efforts.

This is however closer to the end-game than ever before, it will be very interesting to see as the trial goes on, exactly how close.

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