SCO tells Darl McBride : You’re Fired!

From the ‘They’re Still Around‘ files:

Darl McBride, the combative CEO of Linux-litigating Unix vendor SCO is out of a job. In an 8-K report filed with the SEC today, SCO reported that they had eliminated McBride’s position.

McBride’s termination marks the end of one of the most ‘entertaining’ aspects of the legal challenge against Linux.

“On October 14, 2009 the SCO Group,
Inc., (“SCO”, “us”, “we”or the “Company”) announced that the Company has
eliminated the Chief Executive Officer and President positions and consequently
terminated Darl McBride,” SCO reported. “The current management team comprised
of  Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Hunsaker, Chief Financial Officer,
Ken Nielsen and General Counsel, Ryan Tibbitts, along with the rest of the
management team will continue to work closely with the Chapter 11 Trustee and
his advisors.”

I for one will miss McBride.

On any SCO call that I’ve ever been on, it has been McBride’s voice that has led to innumerable great quotes. In 2006, McBride said that SCO was ‘Mad‘. In 2007 McBride claimed that SCO was undervalued. He’s never said anything nice about Novell, IBM or Red Hat either.

It has been McBride’s voice that has often been the most combative against Linux. It has been McBride, that quite literally over the last 5 years or so that has truly been the voice of SCO.

I guess that when your company is a bankrupt zombie, there isn’t as much need for a voice anymore.

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