SCO UNIX Claims Could Be Decided This Week – Or Not.

From the ‘Zombie Company‘ files:

SCO the company that has been claiming that it owns UNIX copyrights and that Linux infringes on those rights is still alive….barely.

The company is no longer listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange and they’re still under bankruptcy protection. One of the only things still keeping SCO afloat is the prospect – however distant – that SCO’s claims on UNIX are in fact valid.

This week a jury will decide whether or not SCO does in fact have a right to claim anything about UNIX ownership – but in my personal opinion, regardless of whatever the jury decides SCO won’t be finished.

We’ve seen this story before haven’t we? Back in 2007 when SCO entered into bankruptcy protection there were those that figured the company was dead. I wasn’t one of them.

SCO has this uncanny knack for remaining afloat though it is being opposed by larger forces with deeper pockets. Yet time and again, SCO comes back.

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