Sendmail going to the cloud


From the ‘are you still using Sendmail?‘ files:

At one point or another nearly every human that has ever used email has benefited from the open source Sendmail mail transfer agent(MTA).

Sendmail at one point was THE MTA (included with every Linux distro) and like everyone else I used it everyday too. Today Sendmail claims that it is on over 35 percent of all Internet servers, and delivers over 65 percent of all email messages sent globally.

Now Sendmail Inc, the lead commercial vendor is going to up the ante. has learned that on March 17th, Sendmail Inc plans to announce new cloud based email secruity services.

The new services will be a hybrid on premise and cloud approach, taking advantage of the benefits of both deployment scenarios.

Sendmail is coming to the game a week after Cisco’s Ironport announced the same basic thing.

Using a hybrid approach means that inbound email gets filtered by the cloud, while outbound mail that may need to say on premise for compliance and policy reasons can also be secured. Its a nice mix and no doubt one that will continue to gain traction in the market, and more announcements from other vendors too.

The hosted email market is already massive and i’d expect the hybrid email security email will similiarly be an area of growth for those vendors that get it right.

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