Service provider supplements EC2, uses EC2

Surely it’s bad form to criticize Amazon’s EC2 cloud service if that’s what you use to deliver your service? Maybe not if your service consists of all the reporting that Amazon EC2 fails to deliver.

That circular paragraph describes the business of Tap In Systems, a service built on EC2 for users of EC2.

“The current Amazon service provides APIs that only show whether an EC2 instance us running, starting, terminating or not running. There is no deeper level of monitoring the underlying components,” wrote Peter Loh, founder and CEO of the company to

The deeper level of monitoring that Tap In Systems provides includes monitoring the following for an instance: disk usage, cpu, memory, network usage, processes, application status, database performance, and more.

It also provides alerts, and reports showing historical trends. It interfaces with trouble ticketing and other tools.

Will app creators be able to claw a share of the cash going to cloud providers, just as software and services stole the show from the hardware vendors? That’s what we’re predicting here at Software’s Sublimation.

In the future, the product aims to serve customers of other clouds, and to interface with private clouds.

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