Skype Founder Shakes Money Tree For Seesmic

Seesmic, the video social networking service [I wrote about](/bus-news/article.php/3725261/Visualize+This+With+So+Much+Video+Its+Hard+Not+To.htm) earlier this year, announced a diverse list of investors that ponied up $6 million for a piece of the San Francisco-based company. Heading the list is the investment group Atomico co-founded by Skype creator Niklas Zennstrom.

Other notable names on the investor list include: Ron Conway (an early investor in Google), Reid Hoffman (founder and chairman of LinkedIn), Michael Parekh (managing director at Goldman Sachs), Martin Varsavsky (founder of FON) and Michael Arrington, founder of the tech investment Web site TechCrunch.

“Seesmic has grasped the opportunity to evolve the way people express themselves and converse online. Theirs is an exciting vision and I look forward to supporting the team, said Zennstrom, in a statement.

The Seesmic service, which is still in a private alpha or test phase, lets users enjoy an online ego trip posting any ‘it’s-all-about-me’ videos they want from their webcams. The Seesmic site in turn has real time updates and management features that let you track videos posted by specific people.

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