South Park’s naughty start now on the Web.

Fans of the potty-mouthed animated series South Park can find the “classic” pilot episode on the Web for a limited, 30-day period. The Web version of this “rarely-seen, original hand-made” pilot episode includes four minutes of additional footage that never made it to air when it was first shown in 1997.

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Like me, you’re probably wondering what four minutes could have been left out of the pilot that was the basis for the series’ Emmy award winning premier episode “Cartman Gets An Anal Probe.” You’ll just have to [watch it ]( find out.

The pilot was created entirely by hand on construction paper and was animated primarily by the shows creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

The site]( has been a comprehensive source of all things Southpark, airing full episodes and clips of every episode as well as behind-the-scenes info from all 12 seasons.

South Park is the highest rated series on Comedy Central.

TV studios have been experimenting with different ways to leverage content on the Web, while others have taken rejiggered the classic TV sitcom idea into [Webisodes ](/webcontent/article.php/3801016/Reality+TV+Ads+and+All+Comes+to+Facebook.htm)tailored to a Web audience.

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