Star Wars vet joins Red Hat board

From the “May the Source Be With You” files:

Linux vendor Red Hat is expanding its Board of Directors with Micheline Chau, President and COO of Lucasfilm Ltd. Chau has been in her current position since 2003 and joined Lucasfilm back in 1991 as CFO.

What does this mean for Linux?

Well the obvious item is the fact that Lucasfilm is a Linux user. Secondly it could mean that the Force is with Linux (literally). Beyond just making movies Lucasfilm is also involved in animation (current Clone Wars show is one example) and gaming.

On the speculative front I wonder if this new board member will mean that future versions of Red Hat or Fedora could pull their names from the Star Wars universe (much like Debian pulls its release names from Toy Story). How bout this Fedora 11 the Yoda edition?

Try Not Linux. Use or Use Not Linux. There is No Try. (ok maybe not…)

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