Stardate: [-28] 01210.00 Google schedules the future

From the ‘ahead warp factor five Mr. Sulu‘ files:

Google is an innovative kind of company known for keeping an eye on the future. They’re taking that mission very literally now with the inclusion of Stardate notations for the Google Calendar.

Stardate is the calendar system in Star Trek (which hit the big screen last night,).

“After yet another discussion of starships, phasers, and warp drives, we decided to put our enthusiasm to work and give Calendar a little boost,” Google blogged.

“The result was the creation of a new calendar, pre-loaded with stardates to help you keep track of time in this universe and beyond.”

Getting stardate into your own Google calendar isn’t too hard, all you need to do is include the term “Star Trek” as a calendar entry (but a future calendar entry, not say yesterday) and then auto-magically, stardates will be in your calendar too.

I wonder though if there is any practical utility to having stardates in my own calendar. Will I start getting meeting requests for a particular stardate? While Spock might think it to be illogical, it is kinda fun.

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