Storm 2 brewin’ for late October release

Mobile rumor alert: the BlackBerry Storm 2 is coming out Oct. 28 on Verizon.

Research In Motion’s Storm 2, its answer to the iPhone 3GS and sporty Android handsets debuting this month, has been suspiciously absent from the mobile hoopla.

That could change before Halloween, as [blogs are citing promotional posters]( of the Storm 2 bearing a code number being interpreted as a 10-28-09 release date.

The Storm 2 is expected to include the addition of Wi-Fi, an upgrade to BlackBerry OS 5.x and an enhanced touchscreen experience. It should also come with 2GB of internal memory and an included 16GB microSD card. Like its predecessor, the Verizon version will support the carrier’s CDMA/EV-DO network in the U.S. and include a second, GSM, radio for use when abroad.

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