Taking the touch out of iPhone’s touchscreen

Don’t get me wrong, I love the iPhone as much as the next person. But with so much coverage lately, I’m a bit Jan-Brady-Bunched out on the topic of how popular — or not — it is: iPhone!, iPhone!, iPhone! So when an e-mail hit my inbox touting “iPhone, Nails, Women — Solution,” I thought, finally, a new angle on the “hero phone.”


Here’s the pitch: “Women with long nails (acrylic or natural) have experienced difficulty typing and navigating the iPhone’s touchscreen interface. The capacitive screen was designed to only respond to the electrical charge of your fingertip so nails won’t work.

“Well…we have the perfect way to solve your readers’ iPhone woes! With the Pogo Stylus — the world’s first iPhone/iPod-touch compatible stylus — typing and navigating an iPhone has never been easier.

“The Pogo Stylus itself actually has conductive material at the tip and the light-weight aluminum body of the stylus acts as a bridge, transferring the electrical charge from your hand directly to the screen. Plus it comes in four hot colors: cranberry, silver, black and gunmetal. For just $14.95, your readers can pick it up at www.tenonedesign.com or www.amazon.com.”

Four hot colors? Count me in for jumping on the Pogo. Seriously, I have to admit, it is a pretty cool idea. The only drawback is, uhm, isn’t the touchscreen on the iPhone a huge part of its appeal? Do you really want to tap away on your “iconic” phone with a stylus a la the way-back Palm PDA days? I guess the answer, if you’ve just had a $30 manicure replete with appliques, is yes.

(photo courtesy of *NailPro Magazine*)

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