The future of TiVO is the Internet #sc09

From the ‘O RLY?‘ files:

Tom Rogers, President and CEO of TiVO (pic left) is on a mission to further innovate the way we all consume content on our TVs.

Speaking at the Supercomm conference in a keynote session, Rogers gave some insight into what the next generation of TiVO will be all about.

“You can get anything you want when you want it, effectively delivering millions of pieces of
content you can’t get on cable or satellite right to your TV set,” Rogers said. “That’s the future of TV consumption. The consumer being in control as TiVO initially empowered people to be, but doing it now by virtue of what broadband is capable of delivering, giving consumers access to anything they want, when they want it.”

So if I understood what Rogers said correctly, it means that TiVO, with broadband internet access will have the ability to pro-actively find content for me and let me watch it on my TV screen.

That’s kinda cool.

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