The Vista SP1 Incompatibility List

Microsoft has posted a listing of applications known to
break under Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista. It’s hardly a stop-the-presses
list. Most of the affected software is, not surprisingly, security-related
software. Considering how much Microsoft retooled Vista to improve its
security, I’m surprised it didn’t break more apps than it did.

The one true application, not a system utility, that’s broken is the New York Times
, the custom viewer released by the Times publisher that displays news
from the paper in its print format on your computer screen.

This affects version 1 and Microsoft reports that later
versions will work with SP1. The Times Reader is currently at version

Probably the most widely-used of the apps on the list is
Trend Micro Internet Security 2008. Microsoft said the newest version, 16.1,
will be compatible with SP1, so users should upgrade.

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