These music mashups are amazing

As a kid I was taught how to sing a round (“Row, Row, Row Your Boat” anyone?), but in the digital age it’s all about mashups. Perhaps the next generation of kindergartners will drag musical performance snippets across the classroom touchscreen video wall with their fingers as they learn the basics of video mashups.

Of course there’s nothing to mash without great individual performances, so I don’t see those going away anytime soon ([Susan Boyle anyone](

But clearly, mashups are creating a whole new category of creativity, expression and entertainment. YouTube weighed in today with the latest example, [“The Internet Symphony” Global Mashup](

The YouTube-sponsored video features Tan Dun’s composition “Internet Symphony, Eroica,” as selected and mashed up from nearly 3,000 video submissions from around the globe. And it’s not just online. Tonight over 90 musicians from around the world — including a Spanish guitarist, a Dutch harpist and a Lithuanian birbyne player — will perform at New York’s famed Carnegie Hall in the debut YouTube Symphony Orchestra performance.

If classical music’s not your thing, click here to see [a very funky alternative mashup](

Both of these are pretty cool, but my favorite mashup by far is the amazing work sponsored by [Playing for Change]( “a multimedia movement created to inspire, connect and bring peace to the world through music.”

This talented group of musicians from around the world transform a great song, Stand By Me, into something even more moving and magical.


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