Time Warner CEO: TV to Web in baby steps


Jeff Bewkes has been talking loudly about leveling the barriers to access to Time Warner’s TV content across multiple platforms for at least the better part of the year.

But, lest we get ahead of ourselves, the media conglomerate’s chief executive took the opportunity of his speaking engagement at a Goldman Sachs investors conference this afternoon to put broadband in its place.

“Start with television,” he said, reminding his audience that most people are far more interested in watching premium programming on their 50-inch flat screens than on their laptops or iPhones.

Bewkes reiterated his position that the emerging model is defined by on-demand access for paying subscribers, with the platform — broadband or television — of secondary importance.

“What we’re saying about broadband is, ‘Fine, of course you should have it on your laptop, your Blackberry, whatever,'” Bewkes said. “If you subscribe to it, we’re going to turn it on on every platform.”

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