Tom Brady’s Low Tech Super Bowl playbook

First off I have to admit that I don’t care for Super Bowl commercials, I’m more interested in technology – real technology – the stuff that people use to improve their lives and enhance productivity.

While FOX had alot of high tech wizardry (overlay first down lines, amazing camera angles etc), and coaches on both sidelines had those big Motorola radio setups there was at least one notable instance of a very low tech solution to a very complex problem in the Super Bowl

Late in the fourth quarter on a critical fourth down play with the score NE 7 and NY 10 , the FOX camera shifted to a close up of NE QB Tom Brady in the huddle. Brady’s left forearm sweatband was open revealing what appeared to be his playbook. This wasn’t some kind of fancy LCD display (or was it?) or Bluetooth enabled unit that would enable him to shift through play scenarios. No this looked very much like a handwritten list of plays neatly put together on his wrist.

Brady’s apparently low tech solution worked out well for him – NE made the conversion and ended up scoring on the drive (yeaah I know they still lost the game, but still).

With all the money at stake, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day soon (if not already) QB’s will in fact get some kind of flexible wireless wristbound playbook that they can use on field. Then again, though the technology isn’t likely to be a hurdle, I suspect that QB’s (and their coaches) in the clutch will continue to rely on their own experience and intuition to actually call plays.

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