Tom Seibel has a nasty encounter with wildlife

Thomas Seibel, the founder of Seibel Systems, is recovering from broken ribs and legs after an elephant charged at him and a tour guide during a tour of the Serengeti plain in Africa last month.

The billionaire, who cashed out when Oracle purchased his company in 2005, told the San Jose Mercury News that the animal plowed into the guide and then attacked him, breaking several ribs, goring him in the left leg and crushing the right leg.

He says he and the guide were watching a group of elephants from about 200 yards away when one animal charged at them without warning. The guide shot at the elephant but missed (ok, that’s officially the worst guide in Africa. How do you shoot a charging elephant once in 200 yards, miss, and not shoot again?).

Siebel said they were able to radio for help only after the animal lost interest and wandered away, but it was three hours before he received any medical treatment. The attack occurred during a safari in Tanzania on August 1. He was airlifted to Naorobi and spent 18 days in four separate hospitals before returning home.

Since cashing out following the acquisition, Seibel has stayed relatively low profile, dividing his time between the Valley and his Montana ranch. Seibel is currently getting around in a wheelchair but said he expects to make a full recovery after reconstructive surgery and physical therapy.

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