Trade in (lots of) your CDs for an iPad


So, you want a spiffy new iPad but don’t have the spare $499 or more? No worries, just get to ripping those CDs sitting on the shelf and trade them in.

A firm called iPodMeister has, for some time, taken large CD libraries in return for an iPod. They claim that their business model works because CDs can still fetch a pretty penny in parts of the world where MP3 players have not made a big splash and CDs are still the media of choice. They also take DVDs, although you’d be nuts take that deal, because one used DVD is still worth more than one used CD, but with these guys they count equally.

Now they are expanding to include the iPad. Clear out your CD collection and collect your new toy. Of course, there are some rules. Actually, lots of them: You must include the original jewel case and original cover art/insert. They won’t take burned discs or just the CD. And if your CD doesn’t meet with their approval, they don’t send it back.

The cheapest deal is for the 8GB iPod Nano, for 220 CDs/DVDs. The iPod Classic is 330 discs, and the 8GB iPod Touch is 300 discs.

For the iPad, the basic 16GB player without 3G will cost you 600 shiny discs. With 3G, that climbs to 950. The high-end 64GB unit is 800 discs, while the 64GB with 3G is 1150.

If anyone has dealt with these guys, I’d love to hear from you.

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