Twitter visibility improves with Blue Coat

From the ‘yeaaah companies use Twitter’ files:

Twitter is not just something people use at home, it’s being used by business and that’s why enterprise IT needs to know about Twitter – from a network traffic perspective.

Network optimization vendor Blue Coat (Nasdaq:BCSI), now has the ability to detect Twitter traffic with its PacketShaper WAN optimization appliances. That means that instead of enterprises just using Twitter without any degree of optimization or control, an IT manager can actually identify and manage Twitter traffic from a network level.

That’s a big deal. It means that Twitter goes from the realm of just being something that runs on Port 80 – to being an identified application that has enterprise policy and control attached to it.

Twitter now joins other enterprise applications that Blue Coat can identify including Microsoft Outlook and Oracle database.

“Understanding which social media tools are being utilized and how employees are using them is valuable information that helps network administrators set and enforce corporate policies,” said Steve House, Director of Product Marketing at Blue Coat Systems in a statement.

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