Ubuntu Core going after embedded Linux

From the ‘Not Just for the Desktop‘ files:

Ubuntu Linux, which is likely best known for being a great desktop Linux distribution is going after the embedded Linux market.

The new Ubuntu Core offering is targeted at embedded deployments on Intel x86, ARM (TI, Marvell, Freescale). Considering how widespread embedded Linux is in consumer electronics, this is likely a good route for Ubuntu.

That said the reason why embedded Linux is already pervasive in consumer electronics (and other embedded devices) is due to an existing robust ecosystem of vendors and developers.

MontaVista Linux as well as WindRiver dominate the embedded space today and have existing relationship that will be near impossible for a newcomer like Ubuntu to break-into.

Both MontaVista and Wind River also have years of experience with Real Time operating systems and kernels — which is something that I’ve never heard Ubuntu doing. Both MontaVista and Wind River also have the benefit of developer toolkits and toolchains which enable embedded developers to effectively build out an embedded Linux platform.

That said, Ubuntu has come out of seemingly nowhere in the last five years to become one of the leading Linux distributions. I suspect that they can make a dent in the embedded space, but their competition here is superb and isn’t likely to yield an inch without a fight.

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