Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10 Release Candidate now out

From the ‘Hyped Linux Anticipation‘ files:

Not far now…

Ubuntu 9.10 RC is now available, marking the final step before the general availability of the Karmic Koala next week. Might have been fun, if it had reached general availability today, with the Windows 7 release, but hey the release is only 7 days away.

As opposed to earlier development builds of Karmic, Ubuntu developers want as many people as possible to test out their upcoming release.

“We consider this release candidate to be complete, stable, and suitable for
testing by any user,” Ubuntu developer Steve Langasek wrote in a mailing list posting. “The purpose of the Release Candidate is to solicit one last round of testing
before the final release.”

The final general availability release of Ubuntu 9.10 is now set for October 29th.

This week also marks an important milestone for Ubuntu as it celebrates its fifth anniversary as a project. For a Linux distro that seems to have made so much noise, it’s good to remember that it’s still a relatively young distro too.

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