Verizon President & COO doesn’t know about open source

From the ‘not everyone knows about open source yet‘ files:

LAS VEGAS — I just got out of a Q&A session with Verizon Communications President and COO Denny Strigl and being an open source guy I asked Strigl about open source. Specifically I asked what role does open source play at Verizon now, especially in light of the recent SFLC lawsuit against Verizon on GPL infringement.

Strigl looked at me with a blank face and asked me to repeat my question. He was completely clueless.

He then asked one of his PR people to answer, and they too were clueless.

In December of 2007 the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) filed its GPL lawsuit, whichwas settled in March of this year. The win was hailed as a victory for open source by the SFLC and others.

Apparently though open source types (like myself) thought the Verizon thing was a big deal, it apparently never reached the radar screen of Verizon’s top exec. Go figure.

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