Virtual question: Can Raritan manage?

Raritan Helps Manage Virtual/Physical Data Center Equipment

Virtualizing the data center to consolidate servers and reduce costs has been top of mind for a while, and the big boys — HP, IBM and CA — have added virtual machine (VM) management capabilities to their data center management tools.

Which is as it should be; their customers are the mega-corporations. But you know that virtualization in the data center really taken hold when a relatively small player like Raritan adds VM management capabilities to its data center management offering.

Raritan’s product, CommandCenter Secure Gateway, simplifies the management of heterogeneous IT environments through a unified portal, and Release 4.0 of the product, unveiled yesterday, provides standard data center management tools — discovery, access and control, power management and auditing. It does this for both virtual and physical servers as well as networking equipment and power devices.

Release 4.0 also tracks migration of data between physical and virtual machines, and, in essence, lets administrators do pretty much anything to a VM that they can to a physical server.

“We view a virtual machine as one more item in the IT infrastructure that CommandCenter Secure Gateway can manage,” Henry Hsu, Raritan’s director of enterprise product management said.

Think that’s a *Eureka!* moment? At this point in time, yes. But some day, all IT administration tools will be built this way.

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