VMware officially closes Springsource acquisition

From the ‘30 days‘ files:

VMware today announced that they have officially completed their acquisition of open source Java dev tools vendor Springsource.

The deal was originally announced on August 10th, for a total cost of $420 million.

The close of the deal seems quite rapid to me, but then again Springsource was not a public company. As such, it appears to have been a pretty quick closing process for VMware.

As expected, Springsource’s founder Rod Johnson will continue to lead
Springsource as a VMware division. His new title is General Manager.

Springsource itself has been active since August 10th, putting out a major new initiative that should mesh well with what VMware is now doing. On August 19th, Springsource announced a new cloud effort called SpringSource Cloud Foundry, that brings together Java middleware,
management and cloud delivery. The technology is based in part on
SpringSource’s quiet acquisition earlier this year of a small,
privately held open source firm called (surprise, surprise) Cloud

At the time of the Cloud Foundry announcement, Springsource execs hinted at SpringSource’s future roadmap as a
VMware company, with end-to-end physical, virtual and cloud delivery
options for Java applications.

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