Want a cheap Linux computer? Join the Linux Foundation

From the ‘Employee Pricing‘ files:

The unfortunate experience that I have sometimes encountered when attempting to purchase a ‘new’ computer pre-installed with Linux, is that it can sometimes be more expensive than Windows (either just because, or due to the fact that Windows is already pre-installed).

A new effort from the Linux Foundation could change that, and help Linus Torvalds in the process too.

Back in June, the Linux Foundation started their individual membership program and they’re now expanding it with new hardware discounts.

Starting this week, those who pay the $99 for an individual Linux Foundation membership will also get up to 40 percent off of Lenovo devices and employee purchase pricing from Dell and HP.

According to the Linux Foundation, “these benefits can translate into hundreds or thousands of dollars for those who purchase their devices as part of this program.”

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