When Will Mozilla Lightning Strike?

From the ‘Firefox’s Cousins‘ files:

Regular readers of my blog know that I’m not a fan of the Mozilla Thunderbird email project lately – I personally think that the effort has been mismanaged. A related project that I’ve long been interested in is the Mozilla Calendar efforts which includes the Sunbird standalone calendar and the Lighting plug-in (for Thunderbird).

Unfortunately, much like the delayed releases of Thunderbird, Lightning and Sunbird have also suffered. Having a calendar component as part of an email client is a key component for those that seek an open source alternative to Microsoft Outlook.

Even though Thunderbird 3 has been out for over a month, the Lightning calendar plug-in – that likely should have been out at the same time – wasn’t. As it turns out Lighting 1.0 Beta 1, the first update to Lightning in 16 months just came out this week.

The delayed Lightning has caused some concern, so much so that Mozilla developers put out a statement this AM to allay concerns.

“There seems to be some doubt in our community regarding the status of the recent Lightning 1.0 beta1 release in our release hierarchy,” Mozilla developer Simon Paquet blogged. “So let me unequivocally state for the entire Calendar developers team We (the Calendar developers) consider Lightning 1.0 beta to be the best Lightning release, that has been released to the public so far.”

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