Where Can You Find Sun in Seattle? At Microsoft’s HQ.

It’s amazing what happens when companies decide to work together instead of tear each other apart.The Sun Microsystems and
Microsoft detente continues to bear surprising fruits, this time in the form of
the Sun/Microsoft Interoperability Center on Microsoft’s Redmond campus. It’s
actually an expansion of Sun’s current presence in the Microsoft Enterprise
Engineering Center where testing Microsoft software on Sun hardware is

The center is designed to allow the two firms to work on
optimizing Microsoft applications on Sun Fire x64 server systems and storage
and the availability of the Sun Infrastructure Solution for Microsoft Exchange
Server 2007 (more details here).

Among the objectives of the Interoperability Center are
optimization of Microsoft applications on Sun x64 systems and storage and
promotion of full interoperability in application areas such as virtualization,
Java technology, systems management, and identity.

Additionally, the Center will collaborate with authorized
Sun Solution Centers to support customers running their own deployments. They
can bring their own scenarios to the center for testing by Sun and Microsoft

The companies are even working on tighter interoperability
between Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE), the .NET Framework 3.0 and
Windows Communication Foundation in Sun’s Web services interoperability

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