Where is Linux on IPv6 Day?

From the ‘Why IPv6 Needs Work‘ files:

If you’re a Linux user on IPv6 Day, I’ve got some good news and some bad news for you.

The goods news is that Linux is as ready (if not more) than any other operating system platform.

The bad news is that even though your operating system is IPv6 capable, a number of major Linux websites are not.

For example, www.redhat.com is not accessible via IPv6 today (as far as I can tell or Red Hat will tell me). You can only reach Red Hat on IPv6 at ipv6.redhat.com

Yes that is a big deal that redhat.com is not part of IPv6 day and a failure for Red Hat. Simply having ipv6.domain.com isn’t enough. That’s the whole point of IPv6 and why Google (that also has ipv6.google.com) has switched IPv6 on for their main domain today.

That said, www.fedoraproject.org is both IPv4/6 today which is great, but considering that Red Hat has major government customers, I would have thought that they would have enabled their main website as well.

Red Hat at least is aware of IPv6 and was willing to tell me that they’re working on it (and have the ipv6.redhat.com page). Canonical, the lead commercial sponsor behind Ubuntu told me that they had no one and no comment they could send me about IPv6 – AT ALL.  That’s just sad.

Another sad but true fact..

Linux.com is not available over IPv6 today either.

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