White House goes open source with Drupal

From the ‘Open Government‘ files:

WhiteHouse.gov, the official website for the President of the United States is now based on open source technology.

Dries Buytaert, the founder of the Drupal open source content management system has announced that WhiteHouse.gove is now a Drupal site.

This is a big deal, though regular users will not notice a difference.

Drupal has emerged over the last few years as the leading open source CMS in the world. It’s founder Dries Buytaert a bona fide open source rock star. Organizations big and small including Mozilla, NASA and now the White House use Drupal.

The move by the White House means a few things to me about the direction of the Obama Administration and also about Drupal itself.

For the new President, he has made numerous commitments to have an open government. With the new Drupal powered WhiteHouse.gov not only is the content open, but so is the underlying code that delivers the content. Can you get more open than that?

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