White House updates IT spending tracker

As it continues to tinker with Web tools to bring more of the government’s activity online, the Obama administration has relaunched its federal IT spending tracker, an online dashboard that provides an agency-by-agency view of how the government is spending nearly $80 billion on IT projects.

The souped-up IT dashboard refreshes the [spending tracker the White House first launched last June](/government/article.php/3827791/Obama-CIO-Debuts-Federal-IT-Spending-Tracker.htm), and promises faster navigation and a new views of government data. A mobile version of the dashboard is now also available.

Federal CIO Vivek Kundra bill the new IT dashboard as “the next major leap forward in transparency, performance and accessibility of the Federal IT portfolio,” a tangible example of the administration’s work to use technology to cast light on the inner workings of government.

Writing in a post on the White House blog, Kundra also described the dashboard as part of the broader effort to bring federal IT more in line with the private sector, replacing waste with new efficiencies.

“Government IT projects all too often cost millions of dollars more than they should, take years longer than necessary to deploy, and deliver technologies that are obsolete by the time they are completed,” Kundra wrote. “Colossal failures have contributed to a significant technology gap between the public and private sector which results in dollars wasted and a government that is less responsive to the American people.”

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