Who was behind GhostNet? #SecTor

From the “People’s Republic‘ files:

TORONTO. Who was behind the massive GhostNet botnet that comprised nearly 1,300 government computers around the world?

The short answer is : we still don’t know.

That’s the word from researcher Nart Villeneuve who gave a talk about his GhostNet experiences at the SecTor security conference. I wrote about GhostNet back in March, when Villeneuve and his crew at the University of Toronto first reported the diplomatically targeted botnet.

Back then, the blame was cast on the government of the People’s Republic of China, which is a claim the Chinese government vehemently denied.

So seven months later, who does Villeneuve thing the culprits really are?

“We don’t know for sure who was behind the attacks, Villeneuve told the capacity audience. “It could be the Chinese government, but it just as easily could have been random.”

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