Who will buy SCO Unix?

From the ‘Fire Sale‘ files:

No surprise, but SCO has now officially (again) put its UNIX business on the auction block.

No, this isn’t SCO selling its various claims on UNIX vs. Linux, this is SCO attempting to shed its UNIX products business unit, which produces the operating system software and related services. The way I understand it, SCO would still retain its intellectual property claims (and whatever parts of its mobile division still exist).

“This asset sale is an important step forward in ensuring business
continuity for our customers around the world,” said Ken Nielsen, chief
financial officer, The SCO Group in  a statement. “Our goal is to ensure continued
viability for SCO, its customers, employees and the UNIX technology.”

What? How can SCO be viable without its core operating system unit? That doesn’t make sense. The message about business continuity though does make sense. All legal issues aside, there are still businesses that rely on SCO’s UNIX. For them, having a non-bankrupt entity to manage the business is critical.

So who should buy SCO?

Here’s my short list:

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