Zend Server 4.0.2 updates PHP middleware for Macs

From the ‘that didn’t take long‘ files:

Zend Server, the new PHP server that was just released last month, is now out with its new 4.0.2 release.  The new release is bug fix and feature update release. Zend claims to have fixed over 80 bugs with 4.0.2. It also marks the debut of the first generally available release of Zend Server Community Edition (CE)for Apple Macs.

To date, Zend Server CE has been only generally available for Linux and Windows but now Zend is aiming to include Mac (which had been in a longer release candidate stage) to be synchronized alongside the other operating system releases.

Another noteworthy update to Zend Server is the inclusion of Zend Framework 1.8 which was just released last week. Together with Zend Server the new Framework release takes advantage of the servers caching features which should help to improve PHP performance for users.

The open source stack ecosystem is not a slow moving one, so it’s great to see that Zend is keep pace with regular and rapid updates to Zend Server.

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