Eichon Spin Off Comes Through with New App

Aviva Solutions Monday rolled out its Aviva for Java 3.0, the latest version
of its browser-based tool to secure host access to IBM mainframes, midrange
and UNIX servers across the corporate intranet or extranet.

Building on its previous versions, Aviva for Java 3.0 helps extend
enterprise data to e-business applications and remote users. Aviva’s new
application reinforces the flexibility and thinness of the product. As an
applet, Aviva for Java implements componentization, which means that only
those software components required to access specific host environments are
downloaded to users’ workstations.

With the new app, users see faster download times and more productivity.

Anura Guruge, an independent analyst and author of “Integrating TCP/IP
i*nets with IBM Data Centers,” said Aviva for Java 3.0 builds upon
value-added functions, such as 2-tier SSL security and OHIO, which were
available with the 2.0 version of the Web-to-host

Aviva for Java 3.0 functions include the following:

  • It serves as an intranet browser-based terminal emulation solution
    where Java applets are deployed from a Web server to remote users (such as
    business partners/suppliers or branch offices), regardless of their client
    platforms; replaces traditional full-client
    products and cuts costs by using a central management model

  • It is a tool through which to build intranet-based productivity
    applications where existing host-based information can be
    automated or rejuvenated to create effective, intuitive browser-based

  • It is a B2B application enabler where host information is extended over
    the extranet to provide valued business partners with access to the
    corporate host for streamlined business operations

Larry Curran, vice president and chief executive officer of the Aviva
Solutions Division said the tool makes it possible for companies
with mixed environments – IBM mainframes, midrange, Unix and DEC hosts – to
take advantage of one product to create Web-based or wireless business

The product, localized for US, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, is
available by either user or concurrent user license and is priced as low as

Sporting a user-base of 2 million, Aviva Solutions is a recently spun off
division of Internet product maker Eichon Technology Corp.

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