iPhrase, Segue Hail New Chiefs

Enterprise search firm iPhrase Technologies has tapped Greylock venture partner and IT vet Daniel A. Keshian as chairman and CEO.

“iPhrase afforded me a unique opportunity to join the leading vendor and executive team in one of the hottest technology markets today,” Keshian said.

The Cambridge, Mass., company makes software that helps customers find information on corporate Web sites in the financial services, consumer electronics and retail sectors.

Though it receives less attention than paid-placement search, the niche is growing as companies look to deflect expensive inquiries to call centers and sell products through their Web site.

iPhrase believes Keshian is a good fit because he helped digital video editing firm Avid Technologies make the jump from startup to industry player.

“Dan is an experienced manager whose background includes growing Avid from a $1 million a year company to over $400 million and public,” an iPhrase spokeswoman said.

He was also a vice president at Cisco Systems , joining after Cisco after it acquired WebLine Communications, where he was president and CEO.

The iPhrase CEO job was open because of the departure of Joseph Krivickas who took the top job at Segue Software .

Krivickas was at iPhrase for about 18 months. Before that he was executive-in-residence at Charles River Ventures and COO at Bluestone Software, an Internet infrastructure company. The company was eventually bought by Hewlett-Packard

Krivickas started his career as a software developer at General Electric and went on to join Sun Microsystems where he held sales and marketing management jobs.

James Simons,Segue’s chairman said, “Joe’s unique blend of experience in formulating strategy and leading both early stage and larger companies is ideal for Segue.”

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