JBoss 4.0 Released

JBoss, the self-proclaimed Professional Open Source company, released JBoss Application Server 4.0 today.
The announcement follows closely behind the announcements of JBossCache 1.1 and the company’s
new partnership with Sleepycat Software.

JBoss Application Server 4.0 is the first open source J2EE
1.4-certified server, a dubious distinction it obtained in July after a rigorous
just a few months ago as part of its move into Java.

The JBoss/Sleepycat partnership means that Berkeley DB Java will be
integrated with JBossCache and will also benefit from the
“professional open source” support, which is the foundation of the JBoss
business model.

“Berkeley DB Java Edition and JBossCache bring unmatched performance and
reliability to enterprise-grade applications,” said Mike Olson, CEO of
Sleepycat, in a statement. “By pre-integrating JBossCache with Berkeley
DB Java Edition and committing to joint support and services, we are
making it faster and easier for developers to build high-performance Java

JBoss has continued to garner industry support of late. Novell recently
announced that it would be
bundling JBoss
as its Java Application server of choice. HP has also made moves to
JBoss with its servers.

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