JBoss Bundles a Borland Suite

JBoss Group has integrated its free application server with a performance management suite from Borland Software , a move that further positions its application server as an alternative to proprietary products from BEA and IBM.

JBoss said it has made JBoss 3.0 easier to use by
incorporating Borland’s Optimizeit Suite for Java. The move is designed to
bolster developers’ productivity by enabling them to write applications
faster. Borland Optimizeit Suite provides features that allow developers to
see where performance improvements should be made — in real-time.

“The JBoss development team uses Borland Optimizeit Suite in our daily
performance tests, so we’re well aware of its high quality,” said Marc
Fleury, founder of JBoss.org and president of JBoss Group. “Optimizeit
contributes to the JBoss position as one of the most stable application
server on the market. We believe that the two products are naturally strong
together and will provide an attractive offering for Java developers.”

JBoss, which to date boasts more than 150,000 downloads per month, has been
busy this year corralling buzz for its open-source application server by
bundling it with products from entrenched software vendors, such as webMethods. But it has also won over other customers, such as General Electric, along the way — something that should make long-time powers
BEA, IBM and even Oracle sit up and take notice.

JBoss has also won
some lesser-known firms with its open-ended approach. The dynamic
is not unlike Microsoft’s well-documented fear of, and aversion to, Linux,
although JBoss is still very young.

Recently, the firm forged a
profit sharing and economic interest options.

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