MySQL Gets Graphic With DB Toolset

MySQL AB, which recently released
MySQL 4.1,
today announced a pair of tools that will provide a visual interface to MySQL database data.

MySQL Query Browser is a GUI toolset that simplifies database usage.
Users can visually select, query, create, modify and delete database fields and tables.
The integrated script editor provides a visual interface for creating, editing and debugging
SQL scripts. Using the results window in the Query Browser, users can also now
manage and compare multiple queries.

MySQL Administrator is a visual console that handles top-line database
operations like user administration, backup/restore, log views and server configuration.

“The new MySQL graphical tools help expand the market for open source technology,” Zack
Urlocker, vice president of marketing at MySQL AB, told “This makes MySQL much
more accessible to a broad range of users, not just those who like command-line tools.”

Urlocker doesn’t consider open source projects like the popular phpMyAdmin, which for
several years has been providing a GUI for MySQL, to be in competition with MySQL AB.

“PhpMyAdmin is a great tool, and we’re excited that so many people use it,” Urlocker said.
“They are a part of our ecosystem and we’re happy that there are many open source administrative tools to
choose from. We developed MySQL Administrator and MySQL Query Browser to
provide native tools on Linux and Windows, which we think is important for many people.
I think all these tools help expand the access to open source. I don’t view them as
competitors; they are all partners.”

MySQL Query Browser and
MySQL Administrator
are available for Windows and Linux under MySQL’s dual
licensing strategy. Users can pay for a commercial MySQL license to use Query
Browser and Administrator in a bundle called MySQL Administration Suite, which runs
$295 per user. Or they can use it under the GPL license and get it
for free.

For Linux users, the tools
are only offered as compiled binaries for SUSE Linux 9.1 and Red Hat Linux 9.
Uncompiled Tar Linux source files are also available.

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