Plumtree, Yahoo Team for Enterprise IM Tools

Plumtree Software , a fixture on the corporate portal applications scene, announced a deal Monday to integrate the Yahoo Messenger instant messaging application into its Enterprise Web infrastructure platform.

The arrangement is aimed at speeding official adoption of IM in the workplace by giving developers tools to help incorporate them into their own application development projects.

The San Francisco, Calif.-based Plumtree, which has recently launched enhanced portal tools for service oriented architecture , said the addition of Yahoo’s popular text chat application would add presence awareness, instant messaging and application alerts to its suite of tools.

The new offering allows developers to add presence awareness, instant messaging and application alerts into the service-oriented applications they create in
the Enterprise Web platform. By integrating IM into business
applications, such as customer support or sales productivity applications,
organizations can ensure that IM is used in a context that delivers business
value in a secure and cost-effective way.

By adding Yahoo Messenger to the platform, Plumtree gets to beef up the offering to target customer support or sales productivity applications.

The company, which counts Sikorsky Aircraft, Merrill Lynch and Pfizer among its clients, said Yahoo Messenger for the Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite would be marketed as a services engagement. Corporate customers will pay a one-time installation fee of $5,000 plus a yearly per-user subscription for the IM service.

Plumtree said it would standardize the integration between Yahoo Messenger and the Enterprise Web Suite later this year.

Once integrated, the service offers administration, logging and integrated Web conferencing services in addition to text messaging and file transfer. The Yahoo Messenger comes with 128 bit-encryption, spam control and virus
scanning on incoming files, and allows for peer-to-peer messaging.

The integrated product also offers unified user management to let corporate IT admins manage one set of users for Plumtree and Yahoo technologies. It also lets admins govern IM access alongside Enterprise Web privileges.

The product promises to embed online presence and user availability in multiple Plumtree applications. Code samples can be used to embed presence into any customer application, Plumtree explained.

Corporate users also get to route alerts on documents, tasks and discussions within projects through Yahoo Messenger or to mobile devices. Message logging is also available to allow IM conversations to be stored and indexed for searching.

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