Sybase in The ‘WorkSpace’

Sybase introduced what it says is the first application development environment to meet the challenges of developing programs in a service-oriented architecture (SOA), officials said.

WorkSpace is a unified application environment spanning three aspects of software development — application design (modeling), application development and application deployment — to drive down development costs and speed up a company’s return on investment.

Kathleen Schaub, a vice president of marketing for Sybase, said the three need to be pooled together in a more cohesive way to meet the programming needs in an SOA environment and with a new type of software developer.

“The new type of developer is a hybrid between a traditional developer, who’s very well steeped in the technology, and also adding the skills of someone who’s very knowledgeable about the business logic,” she said. “The thing that has to happen with the tooling is that it has be more accessible to the collaborative effort between the business and technical environments.”

Developers not only need to grasp the technical and business aspects of the applications they create, Schaub said, they need to rapidly deliver the application whether its an event- or data-driven program, a composite application or mobile application.

Based on the Eclipse framework, WorkSpace works with any application from any environment as long as it can be exposed as a service. That means an IT shop could build one part of the application, using its favorite modeling tool, and move it over to WorkSpace for the subsequent development and deployment, or any other combination.

WorkSpace has four main features:

  1. enterprise modeling using UML for object modeling and also supporting requirements for analysis and design, as well as the ability for reverse-engineering of a heterogeneous environment;
  2. data tooling, allowing for graphical development of SQL statements and advanced editing and debugging of stored procedures;
  3. services creation and assembly also uses a graphical tool to create services, message transformation and orchestration of services in composite applications and automated processes;
  4. and mobile capabilities for both online and offline access.

Officials said WorkSpace is expected to be available in September.

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