Where in The LinuxWorld is Red Hat?

SAN FRANCISCO — Though Red Hat isn’t an exhibitor at
this year’s LinuxWorld here, it is making its presence known.

In a meeting at a hotel near the Moscone convention center, Brian Stevens, Red Hat’s vice president of Engineering and CTO, told internetnews.com that though his company isn’t exhibiting at the show, it still feels it’s here in many ways.

spend so much effort to work with our partners that our presence is felt
through IBM and Dell, and we have people in their booths participating with
them,” Stevens said.

In addition to participating in partner booths, Red Hat is hosting a
cocktail party tonight. And its Fedora project is also an active participant in the LinuxWorld experience.

The company is not too keen on delivering yet another marketing message to
the LinuxWorld crowd, and Stevens said it can come up with other ways to get
its message across.

“I think we’re bringing a stronger message of collaboration than just doing
a Red Hat marketing show.

“The same way that open source is innovating how software is developed and
delivered, we think that there is absolutely room for optimization in how we
get end users connected to what is really happening in technology,” Stevens

One of those optimized ways is the Red Hat Summit, which it held this year in Nashville.

Stevens said that Red Hat left the summit topics up to the engineers and the owners of the content.

“We’re really looking at paths to get information to people without going
through a marketing layer,” Stevens said.

“There’ll be other events and you
always have to make tradeoffs, and this one seemed like a good one to make.”

The Red Hat CTO also took a swipe at the LinuxWorld trade show floor itself.

“I have trouble at this show when I walk the floor trying to determine
what’s new. It’s all demoware and it hurts my head.”

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