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E-Billing Firm Upgrades Contract with Merrill Lynch

Online bill presentment software provider Alysis Technologies Thursday inked a new contract with Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc. to improve the enterprise network it installed for the investment bank in 1997.

New upgrades for the system will include enhanced security features and intranet access to the system's billions of pages of electronically stored customer information.

Currently Merrill Lynch (MER) support personnel can access the 1.2 billion pages of statements, trade confirmations, and operational reports available in the Merrill Lynch RecordsNet system using a Windows NT-based client application.

By implementing additional security features and a thin client application, Merrill Lynch will allow access to business and support departments worldwide. The new system will be capable of housing more than 12 billion pages of computer data spanning 10 years of company hostory.

"The Merrill Lynch RecordsNet system is one of the largest electronic document repositories in existence. By allowing support departments to access information securely over the Intranet, Merrill Lynch will extend the operational benefits of its system worldwide," said Louis Provenzano, senior vice president of worldwide sales at Alysis Technologies (ALYS).

Alysis Technologies' client base includes 20 percent of the largest banks in the United States, the largest mutual fund organizations and leading global brokerage firms.