A Platform to Reckon Trading Day

Sybase today announced the general availability of the Risk Analytics Platform, a management solution designed to support
trading applications in capital markets.

A provider of enterprise infrastructure and mobile software, the Dublin
Calif.-based company expects the platform to compete head-to-head with
bigger players like Oracle and IBM .

Its implementation allows customers to harness real-time market data and
vast stores of trend data, providing improved profitability of trading
operations, according to Ian Warford, director of the Financial Solutions
Group at Sybase.

The latest platform also collects both historical trend data, boosts
database performance and shrinks storage requirements. It also allows for the
development of improved algorithms for trading applications with the goal
of placing timelier trades and discreet monitoring of risk, profit and loss,
according to Warford.

He said the company has crafted a platform for trading companies that can
profoundly change the way their applications currently act on data.

The platform allows firms to “streamline massive amounts” of data, as
opposed to forcing traders to rely on overnight batching. This often lost
them hours and left firms’ IT workers struggling with large amounts of
stored data, according to Warford.

“A few basis points can mean the difference of a few million dollars”, he
said. “The main factor working against trading firms in recent years is an
explosion of data in the capital markets.”

Sybase is expanding on its position as an established data-management
leader in financial services markets worldwide, with technology that handles
more than 60 percent of all global trade transactions each day, according to
Dean Marchetti, director of engineering at Sybase.

“With Sybase Risk Analytics Platform, we deliver a unique consolidated
risk and trade data repository that is actually capable of capturing and
consolidating volumes of real-time market data and deep historical data to
support more effective, near real-time trading analytics. This allows our
customers to spot trends and opportunities buried in the data and act on
them ahead of the competition,” he said.

Many capital market customers worldwide currently use Sybase IQ as the
engine to support their risk analytics and trading solutions, including
eSpeed, Millennium Partners, Citigroup and Investment Technology Group, Lisa
Dreyer, director of marketing at Sybase, said.

Based on the Sybase IQ relational database and PowerDesigner
database-modeling tool, the Risk Analytics Platform can help achieve queries
that are up to 100 percent faster than typical relational database
management systems, while slashing the amount of storage required by up to
70 percent, said the company.

“As data volumes continue to increase at an almost exponential rate, it
is imperative for financial sector companies to rethink their risk-management solutions,” Larry Tabb, founder and
CEO of the Tabb Group, said in a statement. “As data speeds up and as more trading is done from the
client site, firms need better ways to understand exposure, improve
investment capital returns, and remain competitive.

“While there are different approaches to accelerating risk analytics from
in-memory databases to proprietary to traditional RDBMS, it is very
important that the solution be lightning fast, highly scalable and able to
integrate efficiently with existing applications,” he said.

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