Arthur Andersen Unveils KnowledgeSpace for Intranet

Arthur Andersen Knowledge Enterprises Thursday launched
the latest version of its business knowledge portal, KnowledgeSpace.

KnowledgeSpace is a Web-based service offering information aimed at
enhancing business performance, executive decision making and corporate
learning. The updated version enables the service to be accessed via
corporate intranets.

The latest version features increased functionality and supports increased
customization of the diagnostic tools and knowledge bases.

“By leveraging our professional knowledge through a host of business tools,
resources and increased customization capabilities, KnowledgeSpace offers
businesses a formidable addition to their existing intranet resources and a
world-class resource for improving business performance,” said Thomas
Kelly, managing partner of Arthur Andersen’s Knowledge Enterprises.

Available for enterprise site licensing, KnowledgeSpace integrates
into a company’s existing intranet.

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