ATI, DivX in Video Compression Partnership

Canada-based 3D design graphics firm ATI Technologies
Thursday announced a deal with DivXNetworks to combine each other’s software
to improve the quality of digital video playback.

ATI Technologies said its fullstream video acceleration software would be
integrated with the DivX video compression software and its
new Visual Processing Units (VPU) would be married with DivX Networks’ video compression technology
to offer improved playback of DivX video files.

Once the integration is complete, the two firms say RADEON 9500 and
9700-based products would significantly increase digital video performance
(up to 50 percent using post-processing) and reduce CPU usage when decoding
DivX video. ATI’s RADEON 9500 & 9700 series VPUs promise fast 3D graphics
performance, real-time visual effects, improved image and video

DivX is a digital video compression format based on the MPEG-4
digital media standard. DivX files can be downloaded over
high-speed connections in a relatively short time without sacrificing the
quality of the digital video.

The format has gained fans among developers and is now a standard for
high-quality IP video. San Diego, Calif.-based DivXNetworks claims more
than 75 million downloads of the DivX codec and an average of over 3 million
downloads per month. The company also sells the DivX Open Video System, a
content delivery system that provides aggregation, promotion and
distribution of video content.

The development and marketing deal helps adoption of the DivX format,
said Tay Nguyen, vice president of operations at DivXNetworks. He said
products based on ATI’s RADEON 9500 & 9700 VPUs are fast becoming the video
cards of choice for serious multimedia applications. “Our joint development
efforts will optimize DivX video to reach the unparalleled speed and visual
performance that DivX power users demand,” Nguyen said in a statement.

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