ATronics Releases Router with Embedded E-Mail Software

ATronics International recently released Internet Access 2000, a hardware-based intranet/Internet router that comes with embedded e-mail

Fully Y2K-compliant, Internet Access 2000 is designed to handle all routing and
manages up to 250 e-mail accounts. It has no hard disk or any moving parts and can be installed in less than 20 minutes, according to the firm.

Features of the Internet Access 2000 include daily scheduling functions for
mail retrieval, mail forwarding, and a patented remote storage system with
password protection. It supports dynamic and static IP addressing, has a
bandwidth monitor, and is available in 10/100BaseT.

“If you can configure your ‘at home’ e-mail account, you can install the IA2000,” said Jerry Cash, ATI technical support manager. “You will save IT
expenses by using only one Internet connection for the whole office.”

The new Internet Access 2000 will be shown at CeBIT 99 in Hannover,
Germany, 16-24 March, where Trianova’s OEM version, the “MailMaster”
will also be demonstrated.

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