AT&T Broadband Orders Latest Motorola Set-Top Boxes

Anaheim, Calif.-based Motorola Inc.’s Broadband Communications Sector Thursday found a buyer for 200,000 of its latest digital
set-top terminals in AT&T Broadband, which hopes to use the boxes as part of an aggressive sales push for AT&T Digital Cable.

Motorola will ship the boxes in mid-2002.

“The DCT2500 is a powerful solution for AT&T Broadband, because it will enable them to cost-effectively offer digital subscribers a
greater variety of exciting applications and enhancements, including faster speeds and improved graphics,” said Carl McGrath, vice
president and general manager of Motorola Broadband’s DigiCable business.

The DCT2500 builds on Motorola’s DCT2000 “core-interactive” digital set-top, with increased memory, added processing power, scaled
video and vertical blanking interval (VBI) data extraction. In addition to the features already available in the DCT2000, the
DCT2500 features:

  • A 175 MIPS/175 MHz RISC CPU
  • High speed, unified memory design with support for up to 64 MBytes of DRAM
  • A video decoder with enhanced VBI data processing power, supporting ATVEF and advanced closed captioning
  • Video scaling to support picture-in-graphics display
  • High-resolution graphics with support for multiple planes as well as the current DCT2000 modes.

“The DCT2500 will enable AT&T Broadband to continue our aggressive sales effort of AT&T Digital Cable, and expand our foundation of
deployed digital set-top boxes able to offer compelling advanced video services like video on demand and interactive television,”
said David Fellows, chief technology officer for AT&T Broadband.

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