BEA Names Two VPs

BEA Systems announced two high level executive appointments Monday. The new hires will help implement the middleware provider’s strategy for enterprise computing, called Think Liquid.

A key part of the strategy is to give the company’s mainstay WebLogic software the interoperability needed to run a service- oriented architecture (SOA) in an enterprise setting.

John P. Giubileo is BEA’s new senior vice president, product operations. His responsibilities include oversight of the BEA product development process and management of the service-oriented and operational functions within the product development lifecycle.

Giubileo joins San Jose, Calif.-based BEA from Computer Associates, where he spent two years as the vice president of eTrust R&D, one of the company’s fastest growing business units. Giubileo was responsible for the strategy and research and development of eTrust’s Threat Management and Security Information product initiatives.

Giubileo has more than 16 years of experience developing products and managing the day-to-day operations of large multinational IT companies in both the commercial and government sectors. He has also held senior management positions at Sprint, and Ernst & Young.

Annie Shum, Ph.D., is BEA’s new vice president, service-oriented architecture strategy. She holds a a Ph.D. in queuing analytical models of computer system performance from Harvard University and has deep experience in the field of systems management and performance assurance, specifically in the areas of analytics, capacity planning and prediction, BEA said in a statement.

Shum served as vice president of Science and Technology at BSG until 1998, when the company was acquired by BMC. At BMC, Shum served as corporate architect in the role of chief scientist, focusing on the advancement of analytics and the exploration, research, and analysis of emerging technologies.

“Their deep understanding of computer architecture and design principles as well as their years of industry experience make Annie and John ‘liquid thinkers’ who can cement BEA as a leading provider of service infrastructure enterprise software,” said Wai Wong, BEA executive vice president, in a statement.

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